Gin Garden Party – Gift Hamper

Gin Garden Party – Gift Hamper



DIIO Gifting – KSC has partnered with DIIO, gifting specialists, to curate a range of hampers perfect for every celebration. 

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Archie Rose – Signature Dry Gin, 700ml
Winner of many Australian and International awards, this Sydney brewed Gin is perfectly crafted. Using a blend of 14 botanicals, it is accented by the native Australian Blood Limes, Dorrigo Pepperleaf, Lemon Myrtle and River Mint. Hand crafted and suitable complex for the gin aficionado in your life.

Eva Solo – Glassware, 380ml x 2
With 100 years of  Danish design behind them, the team at Eva Solo create functional but stylish wares to make the everyday, better.  This versatile tumbler is perfect for every beverage, including wine. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe on a glass setting.
8.5cm x 8.5cm

Izola – 4-in-1 Bar tool
Find the proper measure, break the ice, pop the cork and crack a brew with Izola’s new stainless steel 4-in-1 bar tool.  The team at Izola NYC have nailed it with this one, making it an absolute bar must have.
Stainless Steel

Gin Made Me Do It – Jassy Davis
60 beautifully botanical cocktail recipes including both the classic and the cutting edge. Jassy Davis guides you through choosing, mixing and delivering the best gin beverages. With original illustrations by Ruby Taylor, this is a fabulous gift.
Published February 2018
144 pages

W&P Design – Extra Large Ice Cube Tray, White

This tray makes four large ice cubes, perfect for your sexy Negroni or any one of your favourite beverages where a larger format ice cube allows for the slower dilution. The multi-cube design features an internal stainless steel frame that makes filling, transferring and freezing a breeze and the lid ensures pesky freezer flavours don’t infiltrate your ice cubes. A must-have for any cocktail aficionado.
4x 5.7cm cubes
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe
BPA free

Strangelove – Light Tonic, 180ml
Australian producers of what they call, “the drink drink drinkers drink”, this light tonic will help your favourite gin fulfill it’s destiny, so naturally we had to include it. Produced using a sharp fruit sugar, in very low amounts, the delicate citrus profile accentuates the gin and although it is one of the driest tonics on the market (2.9g sugar / 100ml),there is no icky artificial sweetener palate because it is made with only quality natural ingredients. There is nothing strange about loving Strangelove.
2x included

Simon Johnson – Wasabi Peanuts, 100g
Take your favourite beer snack to the next level with these Simon Johnson Wasabi peanuts. The crisp wasabi coating, provides an initial burst of heat tempered by a the sweet and nutty peanut.

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